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SigDigger AIR-T Install

This tutorial will walk you through how to install and run the SigDigger tool on an AIR-T. SigDigger is a free digital signal analyzer for GNU/Linux and macOS, designed to extract information of unknown radio signals. It supports a variety of SDR devices through SoapySDR, and allows adjustable demodulation of FSK, PSK and ASK signals, decode analog video, analyze bursty signals and listen to analog voice channels (all in real time). More information can be found here SigDigger Documentation



  1. Create conda env using this yml file:

    name: sigdig
    - conda-forge
    - nvidia
    - defaults
    - file://opt/deepwave/conda-channels/airstack-conda
    - python=3.8
    - compilers
    - cmake>=3.20
    - qt=5.15
    - numpy
    - matplotlib
    - pip
    - soapysdr-module-airt
    - pkg-config
    - fftw
    - volk
    - mesa-libgl-devel-cos7-aarch64

  2. Build & activate your environment

    conda env create -f sigdig.yml
    conda activate sigdig

  3. Set environment variables needed for install

    export CONDA_BUILD_SYSROOT=${CONDA_PREFIX}/aarch64-conda-linux-gnu/sysroot

  4. Download & run install script

    wget -O
    chmod +x

  5. Start SigDigger

    cd ~/blsd/SigDigger


Last update: January 17, 2024