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AirStack 0.5.5


10 January 2023


The Deepwave Digital team is happy to announce the release of AirStack 0.5.5, a minor release that addresses several bugs and increases frequency tuning performance. This upgrade may be performed in minutes without re-imaging the AIR-T system.

Patch Notes

  • Corrected sample rate settings for AIR7201 and AIR8201 for certain corner cases.
  • Fixed the sample rate reported by getSampleRate() to be the actual sample rate applied by the device. Recommend calling getSampleRate() after setSampleRate() to check what sample rate was actually applied due to the supported precision of the firmware.
  • Dramatically reduced the amount of time needed to retune the radio (2x faster in all cases, up to 20x faster for specific fast frequency hopping cases with configuration documented in AirStack Application Notes).
  • Fixed an issue where an exception would be raised when attempting to set the frequency while a stream was recovering from a data transfer error.
  • Corrected an issue where a few invalid samples could be received when changing frequency with an active stream. This was due to the data stream being restarted slightly before the radio turned back on.
  • Implemented reporting of the radio's clock rate using the SoapySDR getMasterClockRate() API. This value cannot be changed on current products and is for documentation purposes.
  • Improved SFDR of AIR8201-B model's receiver by disabling the low-band reference clock when low-band is not active.


The AIR-T upgraded software is available for customers to download in the Developer Portal.

Please note that upgrading from AirStack 0.5.0+ does not require a complete re-flash of the AIR-T. Upgrading from earlier releases does require a re-flash, however. Please see the associated installation procedures for further details.

Last update: January 11, 2023