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AirStack 0.5.4


06 September 2022


The Deepwave Digital team is happy to announce the release of AirStack 0.5.4, a minor release that resolves bugs, enables new functionality, and increases performance. This upgrade may be performed in minutes without re-imaging the AIR-T system.

New Features

  • Improved performance when transmitting data using smaller buffer sizes.
  • Additional informational from the RF transceiver is logged.
  • Airstack API can now report hardware master clock rates.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed inconsistent behavior seen for certain transmit and receive sample rates on AIR-T models 7201 and 8201.
  • Corrected total gain in transmit and receive paths on AIR-T models 7201 and 8201.
  • Fixed bug relating to smaller buffer transfers and SoapySDR reported timeouts.
  • Eliminated spurious warnings when using GNU Radio Companion flow-graphs.


The AIR-T upgraded software and firmware are available for customers to download in the Developer Portal.

Please note that upgrading from AirStack 0.5.0+ does not require a complete re-flash of the AIR-T. Upgrading from earlier releases does require a re-flash, however. Please see the associated installation procedures for further details.

Last update: September 2, 2022