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Cable Management for Edge Series

The front panel of the Edge Series AIR-T contains multiple cable connection interfaces. Cables should be routed from the front panel connector, zip tied down to the cable retention tray inside the front cover, and then fed through the weatherproof membrane.

RF Cables

The Edge Series AIR-T has connections for seven RF cables: transmit (2 channels), Receive (2 channels), 1PPS, Reference, and the GPS antenna. The recommended cable type for these interfaces is RG316 as this cable type supports the same environmental conditions of the Edge Series AIR-T. Each cable will need to be terminated with an MCX connector to plug into the AIR-T interface panel.

Other Cables

Power Connector

The Edge Series AIR-T models have been designed with a locking connector for the DC power supply input. Each unit ships from the factory with a 12 VDC power supply that may be used for indoor and laboratory testing of the unit. This power supply is not rated for outdoor deployment. For deployment, customers should construct their own power cable based on their requirements. While the power cable may be run through any of ports 0 through 4, Deepwave recommends running through port 2 as the 5.3 mm diameter of the waterproof membrane is best for a 5.5 mm 2-wire power cable. See the Table 1 for the information necessary to build a DC power cable for your deployment.

USB, HDMI, and Ethernet Cables

The weatherproof membrane has been designed to have various common cable types for the USB2, USB3, HDMI, and ethernet cables. Based upon which connections are required for your application, you may choose the mapping between ports 0-4 and the interface panel of the AIR-T. All membrane pass-thru hole diameters shown in Table 1.

Table1: Waterproof Membrane Thru-hole Dimensions and Cable Recommendations

Membrane Label Membrane Diameter Recommended Interface Cable Recommendation Cable Termination
TX1 2.3 mm TX1 RG316 MCX Plug, Male
TX2 2.3 mm TX2 RG316 MCX Plug, Male
RX1 2.3 mm RX1 RG316 MCX Plug, Male
RX2 2.3 mm RX1 RG316 MCX Plug, Male
1PPS 2.3 mm 1PPS RG316 MCX Plug, Male
REF 2.3 mm REF RG316 MCX Plug, Male
GPS 2.3 mm GPS RG316 MCX Plug, Male
0 7.0 mm USB2, USB3, HDMI, or ETH - -
1 4.2 mm USB2, USB3, HDMI, or ETH - -
2 5.3 mm PWR 18 Gauge, 2-wire, w/ 5.5mm OD Switchcraft PN 761KH
3 6.5 mm USB2, USB3, HDMI, or ETH - -
4 4.5 mm USB2, USB3, HDMI, or ETH - -

If the default waterproof cable membrane is not suitable for your specific application, the Deepwave team is available to build custom cable membranes for your specific application. For more specifics, please submit an inquiry.

Last update: May 9, 2022