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Edge Series Overview

The Edge Series Artificial Intelligence Radio Transceiver (AIR-T) product line consists of a high- performance software defined radios (SDR) seamlessly integrated with state-of-the-art processing and deep learning inference hardware. The Edge Series has been specifically designed to operate as an edge-compute device in a harsh environment. Within the ruggedized enclosure, the Edge Series SDR contains an expanded receiver down to VHF, a GNSS disciplined oscillator for timing, expanded data storage (480 GB), and an industrial grade AIR-T.

Manufacturer Part Numbers

AIR-T Model GPU FPGA Part Number
(with Enclosure)
AIR8201 NVIDIA Jetson TX2i Xilinx Artix7 200T AIR8201-B

More information may be found on the AIR-T Product Flyer.

AIR-T Flyer

Edge Series Enclosure

The AIR-T Edge Series includes a rugged aluminum conduction cooled enclosure. The enclosure is designed to be deployed on a vehicle, tower, or other outdoor environment with an IP56 rating1. All RF, data, and connectivity ports are brought out to the front panel where the user may pass cables through the water-tight front membrane to ensure protection against harsh weather.

SDR Technical Specifications

RF Integrated Circuit Analog Devices 9371
    MIMO Channels (TX x RX)
2 x 2 (100 MHz bandwidth, 125 MSPS per Channel)
    Frequency Range
30 MHz to 6 GHz (RX), 300 Mhz - 6 GHz (TX)
    Receiver Analog Gain
52 dB, 2.2 dB NF
    Max Transmit Power
+6 dBm
Embedded GPU Module NVIDIA Jetson TX2i
    GPU Cores
256 (Pascal)
ARM A-57 (4-core) + ARM Denver2 (2-core)
8 GBytes shared memory
512 GB SSD
FPGA Xilinx Artix-7 200T
Navigation and Timing GNSS Disciplined Oscillator
    1 PPS Accuracy
40 ns to UTC
    Anti-jam Capability
Eight automatic anti-jam countermeasures against CW signals
    Reception Capability
Networking 1 Gbps Ethernet
HDMI 3840 x 2160 (4k)
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C
Ingress Protection (IP) Rating IP561
Operating System AirStack (Real Time Linux, Ubuntu-based)

For detailed information, see the Edge Series Product Guide.

1 Certification pending

Last update: May 24, 2022