Getting Started

The team at Deepwave Digital would like to than you for helping to advance the field of deep learning and GPU enabled software defined radios! We hope you find the system helpful for all of your technical pursuits.


Unboxing the AIR-T

Check to ensure that your AIR-T box includes the following items:

  • 1 x Artificial Intelligence Radio Transceiver
  • 1 x DC Power Supply (12 V, 80W)
  • 1 x Cat5e ethernet cable - 6 foot (1 Gbps)
  • 1 x HDMI display cable - 6 foot
  • 4 x MCX to SMA (female) cable - 6 inch

To interact with the radio, you will need the following accessories (not included):

  • USB keyboard*
  • USB mouse*
  • HDMI monitor

Powering Up the AIR-T

  1. Connect the power supply, keyboard, mouse, and monitor to the AIR-T.
  2. Power up the AIR-T by pressing and releasing the power button. The power button is labeled PWR on the AIR-T Board as shown below.
  3. Once the system boots, the Deepwave Digital logo will appear, followed by the account creation screen. Create an account, password, and name your computer. The system will reboot after this has been completed.

Note: If you are using a version of AirStack prior to 0.2, then the default user name and password are:

username = deepwave
password = deepwave

If this is the case, it is highly recommended that you change the password from the default value. The password may be changed in System Preferences, or by issuing the following command in the terminal:

$ sudo passwd deepwave

which will prompt you for the current password, followed by asking you to enter the new password two times.

Powering Down the AIR-T

The primary method to power down the radio is to shutdown the Linux operating system. This is done by choosing shutdown from the drop down menu in the top left.

If you are remotely logged into the radio, the following command may be issued from the terminal to power off:

$ sudo shutdown now

Power Buttons

The figure below shows the three buttons used to control the power in the system. In addition to the surface mount push button switches, a header has been placed above each button so that the system may be powered via an external push button single pole single throw (SPST) switch.

RST - Press and release to reset the AIR-T. Note that this will force a hard shutdown of the OS.

PWR - Press and release to power on the AIR-T. Holding this button for 10 seconds will force a power off.

REC - The Recover button is used to place the Jetson module in recovery mode to flash the system


Proper Handling of the AIR-T

  • The maximum recommended input power to the AIR-T RX channels is -15 dBm when no internal attenuation is being applied (i.e., Gain = 0 dB) and when the AGC is not running. If the AGC is operating, the system will apply up to a maximum of 30 dB of attenuation to prevent the receiver from going into saturation.
  • The AIR-T is a printed circuit board with many exposed conductors. It is essential that no conductive material be left near or in contact with the system.
  • Best practices include using an anti-static mat and other ESD procedures when handling sensitive electronic equipment, including low humidity and not exposing the radio to liquids.
  • During the calibration procedure that is run when the radio is initialized, calibration signals may be emitted from both the TX and RX ports. To ensure that connected equipment is not damaged, it is recommended to disconnect the AIR-T from any equipment and terminate with 50 Ohms during the radio initialization.

Network Connectivity

The AIR-T's ethernet connection may be used to connect to a network or to remotely login to the platform. To help you get started, we have opened port 22 for ssh by default. If this is not desired for your configuration, the user may disable port 22.

Operational Validation of AIR-T

The AIR-T has come pre-installed with the latest version of all supported software and drivers as of the date the unit was manufactured.

The AIR-T's driver interfaces with SoapySDR - an open-source generalized C/C++ API and runtime library for interfacing with SDR devices. To verify that Deepwave Digial's AIR-T driver, SoapyAIRT, is preinstalled on the radio, follow the steps below.

Open a terminal ctrl-alt-t and enter the following command.

$ SoapySDRUtil --info

Which should return:

##     Soapy SDR -- the SDR abstraction library     ##

Lib Version: v0.7.1-g7bb9ca15
API Version: v0.7.1
ABI Version: v0.7
Install root: /usr/local
Search path:  /usr/local/lib/SoapySDR/modules0.7
Module found: /usr/local/lib/SoapySDR/modules0.7/  (f29fa69)
Module found: /usr/local/lib/SoapySDR/modules0.7/libuhdSupport.solinux;
              GNU C++ version 5.3.1 20151219;
              Boost_105800; UHD_003.009.002-0-unknown

Available factories... SoapyAIRT, uhd
Available converters...
 -  CF32 -> [CF32, CS16, CS8, CU16, CU8]
 -  CS16 -> [CF32, CS16, CS8, CU16, CU8]
 -  CS32 -> [CS32]
 -   CS8 -> [CF32, CS16, CS8, CU16, CU8]
 -  CU16 -> [CF32, CS16, CS8]
 -   CU8 -> [CF32, CS16, CS8]
 -   F32 -> [F32, S16, S8, U16, U8]
 -   S16 -> [F32, S16, S8, U16, U8]
 -   S32 -> [S32]
 -    S8 -> [F32, S16, S8, U16, U8]
 -   U16 -> [F32, S16, S8]
 -    U8 -> [F32, S16, S8]

Make sure that SoapyAIRT is listed as one of the Available Factories.

Software & Updates

AirStack Software

Your AIR-T was shipped with the latest version of AirStack when it was manufactured. If wish to update to the latest version, you must:

  1. Create a user account on the website:
  2. Once you have an member account, submit a request to be elevated to a customer via the Confirm Purchase link in the Developer Portal.
  3. Once the Deepwave Digital Team confirms your status, you will be granted access to the Software Downloads section of the Developer Portal. Here you can download the latest AirStack operating system and firmware.

Open Source Tools

Open source tools are outlined in the Open Source section of the documentation.

Deepwave Digital GitHub

Our GitHub page may be found here:


The Product is sold as test equipment. If you choose to use your Product to transmit using an antenna, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are in compliance with all laws for the country, frequency, and power levels in which the device is used. Additionally, some countries regulate reception in certain frequency bands. Again, it is the responsibility of the user to maintain compliance with all local laws and regulations. Deepwave Digital is not responsible for any lawsuits, fines, or damages that violate these laws or policies.

Terms of Sale

The AIR-T has a 12-month limited warranty as described here.


* A USB hub or a micro-USB to USB-A adapter may be necessary to connect both the keyboard and mouse to the radio.

Last update: July 29, 2020